All important!

Isolated processes in our world does not exist.

Everything is interconnected.

The marathon is a great sense.

Stop, take-out, knee, statement, hip, repulsion.

Elbows, shoulders, body.

Look, breath, stride length, frequency.

The balance, sleep, weight.

Power mode, consistency, discipline and persistence.

The purpose of the actions, the program plan.

The desire, struggle, pain, pleasure, support.

Responsibility, inspiration, perseverance.

Motivation control activity.

Time, money, achievement, attitude.

Optimism, thoughts and mood.




Everything is connected!

And in life. Life – it’s a marathon.

In our world, working in various spheres of the same rules.

If one location fails, even imperceptible – gets sideways with time elsewhere.

Everything is connected!

So try to harmony!

It is important to all!